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Pick the Agent who tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear

 Every home has a story…

let me tell yours


Your Agent: Experience/Knowledge/Integrity

Me…. a full time, experienced real estate professional whose integrity is second to none, with business and marketing acumen. Sharing my expertise on how to prepare your home for sale (repairs, renovations, upgrades) while keeping ROI at top of mind. Sharing saavy staging recommendations. My reputation, marketing plan, and  extensive network can attract more buyers. Having a confident, cool and collected agent to negotiate the contract on your behalf, always keeping YOUR best interests at heart.

Clarifying Your Goals

1. Strategize on how to best meet your home sale goals . Not just taking a one size fits all approach. What should list price be after review of in-depth comparative market analysis? When should we list the property? What dates to hold public open house and broker open house?  Timing and approval of showings? Pet instructions? What will marketing action plan be? Where do you go once your home sells? What if your home sells quicker than anticipated, what do those plans look like? Do you have a real estate attorney lined up? 

2. Prepping your home for showings

PRIOR to getting the word out on your property, sellers should address pest, safety, environmental and structural issues. Repairs and upgrades are important if you want to command a better price for your home.  Dealing with  problems early on will eliminate unwanted surprises that can delay the sale of your home. Follow the three “D’s”. Declutter, Depersonalize, and Deodoroize. When you declutter it allows rooms to look more roomy and when you de-personalize then potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your home. Lastly, deodorizing means eliminating offensive odors (pets and cooking choices) and replacing with a scent (citrus/vanilla) that is fresh and crisp which should be appealing  to most buyers. Staging is important and appeals to the emotional side of your buyers and I can help with that! Discussing when an investment should be made for furniture staging when a home is vacant or certain rooms are empty or outdated.


Closing the Deal

1.Pricing your home

Calculating the current market value of your home is one of the toughest parts of the selling process. It’s ideal to get it right the first time , otherwise , setting an unreasonably high asking price will only alienate buyers and limit foot traffic to your home.

I will share various market data points with you, and show you who your competition is, as well as show you your best comps based on what has recently and successfully closed. Get an estimate on what your home is valued at in today's market by clicking here.

2.  Marketing your home

Developing a smart marketing plan that will reach as many homebuyers as possible. Hiring a professional photographer who will help make your property stand out.  The goal is to excite buyers and create a good and lasting impression that will have home shoppers wanting to visit sooner than later. I utilize todays technology and the old tried and true and provide a multi-platform marketing strategy that gets your property in front of as many buyers as possible with the goal of increasing foot traffic to your home that will eventually lead to a strong offer.

3. Review offers and Negotiate Carefully

Manage your excitement and review price and terms, without forgetting to check for that  lender pre-approval. If you are lucky enough to be in a multiple bid situation  there are various ways to handle such good fortune so that you are optimizing from this opportunity. Knowing comps and keeping abreast of the market is what I do to ensure we negotiate effectively.

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